Making A Difference for Dad

Grandfather and Granddaughter Father’s Day is a special time to honor dad’s strength and love for our families. Helping dad safely age in place is one way to show you care. The following are some ways you can be there for dad and make a difference!
Talk to your doctor together.

Help your loved ones understand their doctor’s recommendations for best health. Creating a medication schedule, a dietary plan, understanding medication side effects, and how to stay healthy is the first step to helping safely dad age in place. 

Create a safe environment for dad.
man playing chess
Help dad be safe at home by creating a fall-safe environment. Contact your doctor or your insurance agency to schedule a free safety consultation in your home. Some ways to improve your home safety include installing handlebars in the toilet and shower area and stairwell. Remove clutter and throw-rugs to make safe walkways. Wear well-fitting non-skip footwear.
Discover a new hobby together.

Exercise your mind and have fun together by learning something new every day. Some hobbies dads enjoy include woodcraft, making birdhouses, painting, stonework mosaics, painting, or taking a class at the local senior center. 

Create a caregiving schedule.
Mother and daughter baking
Talk to dad about what ways caregivers can help make a difference. From providing transportation, medication reminders to cooking nutritious meals, the support of a caregiver can help your loved one maintain their health and safety in the comfort of their home. 

Give the gift of time.
grandpa showing kids a trick
While dad’s abilities may change as he ages, know that the time you spend with dad does make a difference. The moments that you spend together let dad know that he is loved and appreciated!