Short Term Care & Support


Short Term Care & Support

Traycee Home Care Services provides an important bridge for recovery from hospital stays, same-day surgeries, procedures, or tests. These could include recovery from eye surgery or procedures, hip replacements, knee replacements, shoulder replacements, hand surgeries, Podiatry procedures, Cancer treatments and other extensive tests.

Customized care can range from help with personal care, hygiene, and mobility, to cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and / or picking up prescriptions. Traycee Home Care Caregivers can drive you to medical or therapy appointments, provide medication reminders, and help you adhere to post-surgical recommendations.

Our Nurse Care Coordinators direct and supervise our trained and experienced caregivers to support your full recovery. Our team is committed to reinforce overall health and physical well-being, including social and emotional wellness.

Short term care is tailored to your specific needs to support full recovery.

Traycee Home Care Caregivers provide a full range of service:

  • Personal Care

    Personal care support with bathing, hair care, shaving, and/or oral and facial hygiene

    Assistance with dressing

    Safety assistance for walking & mobility

    Incontinence care

    Medication reminders
  • Shopping & Housekeeping

    Light cleaning & laundry

    Groceries & errands, including picking up medications

    Ordering or securing equipment & supplies
  • Exercise and Fitness

    Healthy nutrition & meal preparation

    Assistance with routine & rehabilitation exercises
  • Wellness

    Driving & escort to activities and appointments & activities

    Companionship & social activities

    Life- enrichment activities

    Respite for family

Our process is easy. We have a full range of home care services to match your personal preferences and needs.

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