Festive Fall Activities for Older Adults

Fall is a season full of many family traditions. Celebrate with activities that are simple, inexpensive, and fun! There’s no right or wrong way to play and enjoy time with your loved ones. Engagement and inclusion are the key to success. Consider the following ideas to make each day enjoyable.


Find your inner child! Coloring is an activity that brings together people of all ages. Plus, it provides a means to stay present and helps reduce stress. There are hundreds of Fall-themed coloring pages to enjoy with your loved one and family. Trees, pumpkins, scarecrows, squirrels and fall scenes are a few of our favorites. Explore this link for a few ideas. Crayons


Grab a warm cup of cider, spiced tea, or another warm beverage and enjoy a festive Fall puzzle. Keep it simple. Start with a small 35 piece or less puzzle to keep your loved one engaged. Stay in tune with your loved one’s attention span and skills to keep the activity fun. Consider framing or displaying your finished piece so others can enjoy!


Create and enjoy a simple Fall treat. Look through a few baking magazines… watch a few cooking shows that highlight holiday treats... make it easy and fun. This could range from warming premade cinnamon buns, baking an apple pie, to making a no bake pumpkin cheesecake. Check out this healthy baked apple dessert to get your ideas flowing.


Grab a sweater and some fresh air to enjoy and admire the beautiful colors of Fall. This could range from sitting out in your back yard or porch to taking a walk to the mailbox, at a park, or in your neighborhood. If your mobility is challenged, consider a car ride with the windows down to smell the fresh air and enjoy the colors of the season.