Enjoying Summer with Mobility Challenges

Makilah Rae Witt

For many, summertime brings memories of lazy days at the beach, vacations with family, or enjoying the outdoors. For seniors with mobility challenges, enjoying summer activities can be difficult. Caregivers can make a difference by helping seniors enjoying activities tailored to their ability level to enjoy summer days to the fullest!

Beach Umbrellas
Make an indoor beach day.

Use kinetic sand and a beach soundtrack to make and indoor beach day. Seniors will enjoy the sounds and textures of the beach without leaving home.
Plant a container garden.

Enjoy growing the fresh vegetables of summer such as beans, summer squash, and radishes in backyard containers.
Play cards and board games with family.

Enjoy indoor summer activities with your loved ones such as board games, cards, or take a stroll down memory lane by watching your favorite television shows from yesteryear.
Take a walk through the botanical gardens.

The paved walkways of your local botanical garden provide a wheelchair accessible way to enjoy the beauty of nature with limited mobility.  Be sure to stay hydrated when outdoors

Enjoy water aerobics.

Water-based exercise is especially beneficial to seniors with mobility challenges. Seniors can enjoy water aerobics and swimming exercises tailored to their ability level.
Summer books    
Start a summer book club.

The lazy days of summer are perfect for sharing books with friends.

Join a local book club through your library or local senior center or start your own!

Host an ice cream social.

Enjoy an ice-cream social with friends and family featuring your favorite music, ice-cream toppings, and celebrating time together.
Kid enjoying summer by the water
Summertime is family time

The most important part of summer is the time you spend with the  ones you love. Asking a caregiver to accompany seniors to family gatherings can help families ensure that seniors are supported to take part in family activities at their ability level.