National Pet Day

Today is National Pet Day! According to the Journal of Current Gerontological Geriatric Research, pet ownership and pet therapy have positive emotional and mental health benefits for seniors. Some studies have demonstrated the positive effect of using animals as a therapeutic treatment of depression. For seniors, owning a pet can help with loneliness and social […]

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National Kidney Month

The National Kidney Association celebrates National Kidney Month this March. Kidney health is an essential part of overall health. The kidneys help regulate your fluid and electrolyte balance and maintain your blood pressure.

According to the National Kidney Association, seniors are at a higher risk for kidney disease because we lose kidney function as we age. […]

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Colorectal Cancer Awareness

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. According to the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in the US, and more commonly affects seniors aged 50 and over. It is important to understand your individual risk factors and schedule regular screenings. Talk to your doctor about how you can stay […]

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Choose Heart Healthy Living

Small healthy choices every day can make a big difference in your heart health! According to the American Heart Association, the following are small but important ways that you can promote a healthy heart

Stop smoking. Smoking increases your risk of cardiovascular and lung disease. If someone in your home smokes, encourage them to take steps […]

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Emotional Health for Seniors

This February as we celebrate Heart Health month, we are reminded of the importance of good emotional health. According to the Centers for Disease Control, seniors that are homebound or residents of nursing homes are at an increased risk of depression. Caregivers can help seniors pursue good emotional health with these strategies.

Acknowledge your feelings openly. […]

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Prevent Fraud that Targets Seniors

During the holidays with extra money being spent, scam artists attempt to commit financial fraud and senior are especially at risk. Understanding what to look for can help seniors be on the lookout and protect themselves. Here are some practical tips.

Remember the red flags of a fraud.  Some of the classic warning signs include:

An […]

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Holiday Health Tip – Handwashing

During the holidays as we attend public events or family gatherings, we are exposed to an increased number of germs which can compromise the health of seniors.  The most effective way to prevent disease and stop the spread of germs is by handwashing. Each December the Centers for Disease Control  celebrates National Handwashing Week to […]

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Did you know that gratitude can improve your health? According to research, expressing gratitude has been linked with an overall improved sense of well being. Expressing gratitude isn’t just for Thanksgiving – it is a practice that can be incorporated into every day.  For seniors, expressing gratitude is an important part of maintaining mental health. […]

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Managing Diabetes for Seniors

For many seniors, managing diabetes during the holidays can be challenging. Changes in eating habits from holiday parties or overindulging in sweets can cause increases in blood sugar. It is important for seniors to talk to their doctor and plan on how to manage diabetes during the holiday. The following are some ways that caregivers […]

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Happy Sweetest Day!

Sweetest Day is a national holiday celebrated October 20th. This holiday is a special time to show the important people in your life that you care! This holiday has an interesting beginning. According to Hallmark, this holiday was created by a candy maker in Cleveland Ohio named Herbert Birch Kingston. This candy maker wanted to […]

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