The Barbara Traycee’s
In Home Senior Care Story

A family owned and operated business since 1974

Some people are just born caregivers. You’ve met them. They focus on you, they listen to you, they empathize with you and they try to help you. This is Barbara Traycee, wife, mother, grandmother, and also founder of Traycee Home Care along with her husband, Sheldon Shlossman.

Barbara is one of those people who connect instantly with others because she is a genuinely compassionate person. It was not surprising then, as a young mother, she was able to locate skilled, trustworthy childcare and in turn found her friends asking her to do the same for them. They were so pleased at Barbara’s ability to find the right child caregiver for each family that she was more than ready when her husband said, “Why not make this our business?”

That was in 1974, almost four decades ago. Long before there were terms like “in home senior care” and before there was a caregiver “industry” with franchises, investors, and mass web-recruitment of caregivers, Barbara was building her business. It started with childcare, expanded to domestic care and then added in home senior care.

Barbara built a team of caregivers who shared her caregiving passion. Many of these have worked for Barbara for several decades and Barbara, in turn, has served multiple generations in the same family.

Barbara was born in Milwaukee and grew up in Chicago. She graduated from the Cook County Graduate School of Medicine as a medical lab technician. Her roots are here and after almost 40 years of caring for others, she understands the expectations and needs of her customers. She has surrounded herself with a like-minded staff and continues to oversee the day-to-day operations of Traycee Home Care, a licensed, bonded and insured Illinois corporation.