This special “person centered” program, which is an individual custom care plan that has been developed over Traycee’s many years in the care industry. Each is initiated by the Traycee Care Coordinator, of which we also have a team of Registered Nurses in the role on staff, included at no extra cost.

Family Partners Program

With the assistance of the Care Coordinator and/or caregiver, each client along with their family members completes two surveys prior to the start of services. These are “Client Preference” and “What Makes a Good Day”. These contribute to a Plan of Service that is personalized and supports the client’s needs, wants and desires. Gathering and acting on this type of personalized information brings peace of mind to the family.

Bridging/Transitional Program

When rehabilitation is required after a hospital stay, Traycee provides an extra dimension of support to ensure the client’s Plan of Service captures all rehabilitation requirements. Traycee’s Care Coordinator, along with the client, attends the training session(s) provided by the hospital’s rehabilitation therapy staff. The Care Coordinator incorporates these exercises and techniques into the client’s Plan of Service and trains the assigned caregiver accordingly.

Nurse and Senior Man Care Coordination Program

Timely, detailed and consistent communication between all parties is critical to any client’s care. Because of this belief, Traycee’s Care Coordinator takes the lead in identifying all care partners surrounding the client (doctor, caregiver, hospice representative, therapist, specific family members, friends, etc.) and develops a plan to ensure everyone is sharing information to benefit the client. Integral to this process are the daily logs kept by the caregiver.