Meet Traycee’s Founders
Sheldon Shlossman and Barbara Traycee

Sheldon Shlossman

When Barbara’s natural talents as a caregiver and finding others like her emerged (read The Barbara Traycee Story), Barbara and Sheldon combined forces to establish Traycee Home Care in 1974. Barbara Traycee and her husband, Sheldon Shlossman, have deep roots in the health care industry and senior home care. Barbara has a degree in medical lab technology from the Cook County Graduate School of Medicine and Sheldon has his Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois in Pharmacy. He owned and operated several hospital and nursing home pharmacies in the Chicagoland area.

Barbara and Sheldon are family-oriented, a philosophy they bring to work with them every day. They consider their staff part of their family and likewise their clients. Treating others this way is at the center of everything they do and is why they have achieved both longevity and success in the care-giving industry.

Meet Traycee’s Professionals

Pam Boyle, RN, BSN

Pam Boyle, RN, BSN – Registered Nurse Care Coordinator
Registered Nurse Pam Boyle received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Elmhurst College. She brings a variety of skills to Traycee Home Care as one of our esteemed registered nurses having extensive experience in hospitals, medical and surgical units, and critical care. Pam has over 25 years of experience in home health care. She is also quite proud of her role as an instructor at Harper College, teaching Certified Nursing Assistants. Along with her Certificate in Gerontology, certification as a CNA Skills Evaluator, she is also a Certified Dementia Care Practitioner. Pam is a longtime Northwest Suburbs resident, married, with 3 grown children!

Patti Mikes, RN

Patti Mikes, RN – Registered Nurse Care Coordinator
A graduate of Northern Illinois University and Wesley School of Nursing with a Certification for Rehabilitation Nursing, Patty Mikes is a highly experienced member of our registered nurse team. Her career has been concentrated in geriatrics. She has clinical skills as a Rehabilitation Director of Nursing, and Restorative Nurse, Area Manager overseeing case managers. Patti strives to educate her clients to attain their highest level of functioning, helping to improve their lives and their loved ones. In her spare time, Patti is an expert quilter!

Mary Scott, RN, BSN

Mary Scott, RN, BSN – Registered Nurse Care Coordinator
Mary Scott hails from Milwaukee, graduating from Alverno College and Marquette University with degrees in nursing and biology. Her nursing experience includes work in Clinical Pharmacology, general medicine, intensive and cardiac e:are. Mary’s accolades include a national grant award in Oncology and nutrition at Northwestern Memorial Hospital leading a research team. Her expertise also includes duties as a High Tech Home IV Nurse, Public Health Infectious Disease Coordinator for the Evanston Health Department, Hospital Preparedness Coordinator for Homeland Security for the State of lllinois, and Hospice Nurse. Mary has also traveled the world working for an airline before becoming a nurse!

Nadine Barnes

Nadine Barnes – Community Liaison/Client Care Specialist
Nadine Barnes believes Traycee Home Care is very unique because of the traditional family centered approach that has long been the “Golden Rule” of the agency. The work that Nadine does as a Community Liaison/Client Specialist at Traycee Home Care is something she finds both challenging and rewarding. It is important to Nadine to develop and maintain good communication, build strong relationships, and provide education to clients, caregivers, and people in the community about what distinguishes Traycee Home Care from other agencies. Nadine graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Ball State University and has spent many years working in long-term care with older adults. Nadine also has extensive experience working with individuals with disabilities as a state caseworker. Nadine is a vegetarian and enjoys preparing healthy meals, writing poetry, photography, and interior decorating. Nadine resides in Lake County with her husband and two cats.

Lori Mojica

Lori Mojica – Traycee’s Nanny and Domestic Expert
Interested in obtaining a nanny or domestic help? You will talk to Lori Mojica, Traycee’s longest serving employee, having joined the firm in 1986. She understands the relationship between client and nanny or domestic help, comes from being a good listener and very attentive to details.

Like the Senior Home Care Team, Lori helps clients find childcare and domestic help that meet their specific needs. Her experience and expertise guide successful placements. Lori has had the unique satisfaction of serving multiple generations of families raising their children and running their homes.