More Reasons Why Traycee Should Be Your First Choice for In-Home Care

Traycee has longevity and breadth of experience since 1974.
We are Proud Pioneers of this Industry

Traycee was a pioneer in the home care business long before it became “an industry”.

Since 1974 Traycee has served over 18,000 households in the Northshore and Chicagoland area. Its longevity and breadth of experience is double and triple that of its closest competitor.

Traycee is locally owned and operated.

Traycee is a family owned and operated private duty Home Care agency. We are accredited by the Illinois Public Health Department. This is not a franchise; you will never have to type in your zip code to find an office, listen to a scripted inside sales pitch or hear the words “corporate” anything.

Traycee’s founder’s name is on the door and she is a part of its daily operation.

Reputation is everything and Barbara Traycee is where the buck stops. She is accessible to every client to ensure their satisfaction and that their needs are met….no matter how urgent.

Traycee does not “recruit” its caregivers through job websites.

Caregivers come to Traycee because it is the gold standard in the care business. Its core group of caregivers has been there over a decade.

Traycee customizes each care plan.

Traycee works on an individual basis to ensure you get a care plan that fits your budget, schedule, specific care needs and, most importantly, the personality of the client.

Traycee is price competitive.

Price is only part of the equation. Care can always be bought; but genuine compassion cannot.

Traycee’s caregivers are all W-2 employees.

These are not independent contractors. Traycee is responsible for their wages, taxes and worker’s comp insurance. Traycee’s operation is turnkey, freeing you from dealing with the details.

Traycee’s client satisfaction ratings exceed 90%.

This is based on a state mandated post-service survey. Not surprisingly, Traycee enjoys a high level of repeat business, even serving multiple generations in many families.

Traycee has access to a large network of medical professionals and affiliated resources.

This “continuity of care” provides clients what they need when they need it should care be required beyond the home.

Traycee is the choice of Chicagolands distinguished community leaders, families in transition, and healthcare professionals.

These individuals know quality and seek it out.

Traycee has a book of testimonials that will touch your heart.

Ask to see it.