It is difficult to locate dependable, hard-working, and trustworthy household help. Since 1974, Traycee Domestic Services has successfully provided households throughout Chicagoland a wide variety of skilled individuals. We are in the top tier of domestic agencies and service not only Chicagoland, and also have the ability to fill positions outside of Illinois.

Let Traycee find that person who meets your specific needs.

What Traycee Provides


Basic Duties

Housekeepers (Live-in or Hourly) Cleaning, laundry, food shopping and household errands
Live-In Couples Household chores, maintenance, cooking and driving
Cooks Grocery shopping, food preparation and attention to dietary needs
Personal Chefs (Degree in Culinary Arts) Menu creation, grocery shopping, food preparation across many types of cuisine
House Managers Supervision of all aspects of running a home (including other staff) and dealing with vendors
Butlers (College Degree) Same as above with additional attention to personal service
Chauffeurs Driving and general maintenance of household vehicles
Party and Event Staffing Greeting guests, presentation of food and drink, serving and general clean-up
Personal Assistants Deal with correspondence, bills, vendors, answer phones, etc.


Finding the Perfect Match

We employ one Employment Counselor, licensed in that position by the Illinois Department of Labor. She has 38 years of experience, and is committed to in-depth screening of applicants who typically come to Traycee’s attention through personal referrals or repeat customers. Applicants:

  • Are given an initial telephone screening followed by an in-depth personal interview
  • Must demonstrate at least 2 years relevant experience along with long-term, verifiable references, preferably local, which are checked by the Counselor
  • Must agree to a security police background check
  • Have a current Illinois license and clean driving record, if driving is required

Our experienced staff will determine your needs, expectations and lifestyle to provide household help that matches all of these dimensions. Traycee will suggest a specific individual(s), but the final decision remains with you after you have had the opportunity to interview them.

Our Commitment to You

Traycee functions as a placement agency for its domestic help services. However, the Traycee team takes a personal interest in each client family and, as such, we provide ongoing support, suggestions and guidance. Help is just a phone call away.

Contact Us

Call our Local Nanny & Domestic Services Help Line (847) 432-6111 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. We are also open on Saturday to receive calls from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Ask for Lori, our licensed employment counselor.