5 Tips for Helping Your Elderly Loved One Stay Organized Around the House

Making Your Senior’s Life a Little Easier With Some Helpful Household Organizational Tips
As we age, staying organized gets harder and harder. Specific tasks get thrown on the back burner because of our conditions and capabilities. This is the reality for some of our elderly family members.

Life happens. We never know when we are going to […]

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Fall Activities for Seniors

How Seniors can Enjoy the Fall Season
Fall brings so many fantastic activities and crafts for families, seniors, and friends to enjoy. It’s a great chance to bond over great food, take walks through the crisp weather and changing leaves, and take delight in all things pumpkin!

Fall is a great time to plan fun activities and […]

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Why Monitoring Blood Pressure is Important for Seniors

Monitoring Blood Pressure as we Age
We all know that monitoring blood pressure is important. We’ve heard it countless times. But why does it matter? More importantly, why should we monitor our blood pressure all the time? These questions are rarely asked by the elderly. However, it’s crucial that they know this information!
Understanding Blood Pressure
Blood pressure […]

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Preparing the Elderly for Winter

Helpful Tips To Prepare Seniors for Winter
Winter is approaching fast! This popular season brings family, friends, and loved ones together for the holidays. Great food, fun, and memories to create! This upcoming season brings so many reasons to celebrate. Although it will look beautifully decorated outside with holiday lights and a gorgeous blanket of white snow, along with […]

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Goals for Seniors

How Do We Help Our Loved Ones Succeed?
Goals—easily defined as the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

A goal motivates people to reach for something that will benefit their life as an end result. They are so important for encouragement, self-esteem, and overall morale in all situations of life. When […]

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Happy Father’s Day

Acknowledging Fathers’, Grandfathers’ and Father Figures on their Special Day
What makes a father?

Dad is a:





These are just a few of many words that describe what these amazing men do for friends and family on a daily basis. Father’s Day provides a way for family members to give back to their fathers’, grandfathers’, and father figures in […]

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National Cancer Survivor Day

Honoring Those Who have Won their Battle and those Who are Still Fighting.

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength and courage to endure, despite overwhelming obstacles.” -Christopher Reeve
There is no fight quite like cancer. Only those who’ve been through it will understand. It’s a battle no one can really prepare you for. […]

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4 Ways to Give Mom a Special Mother’s Day

4 Gift/Activity Ideas for Mom 
Mother’s Day is around the corner, so it’s time to start planning!

Throughout our lives, our mothers’ tend to put themselves last, serve everyone else first. Selflessness is what makes a mom well, a good mother! Where would we be without them? Mom deserves the absolute best. She deserves one day out […]

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Guilt Experienced When Finding Care for Mom and Dad

A Guilt Free Option  

That feeling in the pit of your stomach that causes you not to sleep. You’ve taken action, but deep down in your gut, you feel like you’ve made the wrong decision.

We’ve all felt this feeling before—not fun.

Many adults experience guilt when making the decision for their parents care. Why? Because we want the […]

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Forever Young—Thanks to Home Caregivers

Caregivers—here to Preserve Youthfulness in Seniors.
Having a caregiver can actually motivate a youthful attitude, no matter what age.

Life is beautiful, and sometimes we just need to let our youthfulness run free, regardless of our age. Seniors, though they have aged physically, have the ability to maintain a youthful attitude and life if they want to. The […]

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