Using a Montessori Approach to Enhance Quality of Life for Persons with Dementia

In response to the rising number of individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias, Traycee Home Care Services provides specialized training to support their team with innovative approaches to care. This month, Traycee Home Care Caregivers received training in using a Montessori approach to enhance quality of life for the individuals they care for. When we hear the term “Montessori” we tend to think of children. According to the Center for Advanced Research on Dementia, the Montessori method was initially designed as a unique way to educate children. Studies show that this method also has great application in caring for persons living with dementia and can help reduce challenging behaviors and help individuals stay engaged and included in meaningful activities throughout the course of this disease.

Using a Montessori approach helps our team customize care according to each person’s interests and functionality. This includes special attention to the following:

Engagement and Inclusion

We understand the importance of personal choice. We adapt activities to match interests and functionality and engage in meaningful activity to reinforce a sense of purpose.


We understand the importance of building routines to support cognitive skills, lessen brain fatigue, and minimize disruptive behavior.


We understand the importance of genuine listening and observing. We use words and body language in ways that communicate respect, empathy, and compassion.

Minimizing Distraction

We understand the importance of minimizing distraction and keeping environments calm. We use simple, verbal, and nonverbal interaction to support positive communication.

Quality of Life

We understand that quality of life can be enhanced at every stage of dementia and work with your family to achieve that.

Our caregivers eagerly apply this knowledge and skill in daily care. To learn more about Traycee Home Care’s specialized training.