Supporting Seniors With Chronic Kidney Health

Couple at sunset Kidney disease is caused by damage to the organs, which prevents the kidneys from filtering blood effectively. Kidney disease can be caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, infection, or kidney stones.

For seniors, kidney issues impact every area of health, from heart health, urinary health to mobility. Many seniors with kidney disease receive life-saving dialysis routinely. The following are ways that caregivers can help support seniors on their health journey.

Keep a record of your symptoms for your doctor.

senior man sitting in car Keep a record of your blood pressure, changes in urinary habits, and symptoms you experience between doctor visits to help your doctor create a personalized health plan.

Help with transportation.

One of the biggest reason seniors miss essential medical appointments is a lack of safe transportation. Caregivers can help provide safe transportation to doctor's appointments, dialysis treatment, and therapeutic visits

Maintain your prescribed diet.

Two men preparing dinner Many doctors will prescribe a low sodium diet or an increase in daily protein needs for seniors with Kidney Disease. Caregivers can help with meal prep and help seniors keep a food log to maintain the diet their doctor recommends.

Find joy in the small things.

For many seniors, there is a physical, mental, and emotional toll to managing health when living with a chronic disease. Having a caregiver that is encouraging and supportive can make all the difference!

Provide daily medication reminders.

medications For many seniors, understanding their medications can be overwhelming. Caregivers can help seniors follow their medications plan by providing daily medication reminders to help seniors stay healthy.