Summer Fun For Seniors

grandma and granddaughter at the dock At Traycee, we have the experience to know firsthand how small things make a big difference! Day outings, special family time, and family vacations are important for seniors and their family caregivers. To help ensure the safety and comfort of seniors, we encourage families to use experienced respite caregivers to help plan family vacations. Respite care can help families create memorable times together while knowing their loved one’s needs are being met. Experienced caregivers can also help families adapt favorite summertime activities to senior’s ability level. Here are some of our favorite summertime activities for seniors and families!

Host an ice-cream social.
Ice Cream
Cool down with a sweet treat. Seniors enjoy reminiscing with old friends over an ice-cream social. Have healthy options such as frozen fruit, sugar-free frozen yogurt, and nuts.

Go fishing.

Enjoy the sunshine at your favorite lake or pond. Fishing is accessible for all ages and is a fun activity for the whole family! For seniors with limited mobility, create a fishing experience in your backyard! Use a large stainless steel tub and stock with local fish to enjoy the fishing experience at home!

Create a garden.
Senior woman in the garden
Create a garden to enjoy the outdoors while cultivating fresh fruits, summer vegetables, and herbs. To modify gardening for limited mobility, create a window sill garden featuring succulents and herbs. Seniors will enjoy creating healthy recipes with their harvest and sharing them with others!

Visit a local farmers market.

Support your local farmers while enjoying the outdoors! Seniors enjoy choosing healthy fruits and veggies for weekly meal planning. Be adventurous and try a new recipe, a new vegetable, or a locally made product!
vacation by the sea
Take a vacation from home.

Create a vacation experience for seniors limited to their home environment by bringing the vacation to them! Pick a destination location and learn together about the local culture, food, and art. Create a menu based on your destination, listen to music together, and explore the destination through watching movies together. Be creative and have fun together!