"Practicing Happiness Now!" by Dr. John C. Webb

A Live Virtual Event Tuesday, July 12, 2022 1:00 PM Central Time

Well I’ll Be a Blue Nosed Gopher...Practicing Happiness Now Dr. John Webb is a retired university professor and an active performing musician, and a caregiver! Like many family caregivers, Dr. Webb was launched into that role suddenly and unexpectedly when his wife suffered a near-fatal accident and traumatic brain injury. Dr. Webb was in the middle of writing his book on practicing happiness, and had even taught a university course on the subject when the accident occurred, and since then, has revised the book to share insights about his wife Toni, who, with her traumatic brain injury and little memory of her past, calls herself the “blue-nosed gopher” (more on that later) and cheerfully teaches us how to make our present moments meaningful. As a musician, Dr. John Webb realized that if you want to be really good at anything, you have to practice, so why not practice our very own all-important happiness? At this virtual event, Dr. Webb will share perspectives from his book to support you in this very special field of caregiving, whether by choice or by circumstance. Dr. Webb will highlight:

• How can we make our caregiving life a joyous one?
• Do our thoughts control our caregiving or is it the other way around?
• Time management for caregivers – it might not be what you think!
• How to recognize and avoid energy vampires!
• How to keep from letting ego sabotage your caregiving relationship!
•  How to cope when adversity strikes – and it will…
•  How much does well-being matter between caregiver and caregiving recipient?

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