Olympic Inspiration for Seniors

Senior snowboarder As we cheer on our athletes contending in the Winter Olympics, we are inspired by their stories of strength, courage, and perseverance. At every ability level, we can celebrate and live each day to the fullest! Seniors and caregivers can experience the spirit of the Olympics while enjoying the Winter Games.

Face each day with optimism.

Like athletes, seniors face many challenges on a daily basis. Facing your daily challenges with optimism helps build resilience and cultivate positivity. Caregivers can help seniors build resilience by being a positive and encouraging presence during challenges.

Celebrate your abilities.

Senior skier At every ability level, we can find ways to be physically active. Celebrate your ability by incorporating movement into your daily routine. Enjoy walks in nature, sports like swimming, yoga, cardio-drumming, or lawn bowling. Connect with your local senior center to connect with senior health and exercise groups locally.

Share your passion with others.

family doing yoga together Whether you are passionate about baseball or crocheting, find ways to share your passion with others! Become a part of a local club, teach a class at a local high school or host an event at the senior center to share your passion and inspire others.

Pursue your goals with tenacity and courage.

Make goals and take small steps every day to reach your goals. Track your progress, find people that encourage and inspire you, and enjoy every day to the fullest!