Nutrition for Seniors from an Expert

Makilah Rae Witt

This month we are proud to feature an article written by Nutritionist Alisa Bloom, RDN from Live Your Best 365. We are thrilled to share Alisa’s expertise with our readers to help seniors reach their nutritional goals and live healthy lives!

Turn down the volume by tuning up your nutrition!

How would you compare your energy level or zest for life today compared to how you used to feel, say a decade ago, maybe two decades ago? Is it vastly different? It doesn’t have to be!

The contributing culprit is likely inflammation.

What is inflammation? I describe it as white noise in the body. You get used to it or you don’t always know it’s there until someone turns the volume down. High inflammation levels that remain over time lead to the onset and the worsening of lifestyle-related diseases. The poorer our lifestyle choices, the louder that white noise gets in our bodies.

We have an opportunity to reduce the inflammation every time we eat, every time we choose an active exercise or every time we make a positive lifestyle choice.

Try these three steps;

1. Whether you’re making your favorite meal or have to choose from what you’ve been served, slow down your eating! In slowing down you’re better able to pick up on those satiety cues to stop eating before you get too full.
Couple Taking a walk
2. Get some movement after you eat! Talk a walk, use your arms if you can’t walk around or even fidget to both aid digestion and help curb the insulin spike that happens after we eat.

3. Eat the bulk of your calories before 4 pm. Yes, that means a lighter dinner. When we eat too late we risk incomplete digestion before retiring. This leads to poor sleep which leads to poor lifestyle choices the next day.

Take control of your inflammation bite by bite!

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Alisa Bloom, MPH, RDN, LDN
Owner, Live Your Best 365