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8 Great Blogs By Seniors

Prior to the pandemic, my favorite time of the day was spent curled up on my couch… reading books. I love classics, non-fiction, fiction, history, and travel. Frequently, I would read into the wee hours of the night. A strange phenomenon, however, occurred this last year. My attention span became very short. In fact, I haven’t finished a book or even a magazine from cover to cover since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Celebrating Men’s Health Month

Men have unique challenges as we age. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more men are affected by cardiac health issues as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The following are tips for healthy living at every age.

Cognitive Health and Mindfulness

Research is exploring the connections between exercise and cognitive health in seniors. In a study published in the journal of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, practices such as yoga which integrate movement and mindfulness may improve cognitive function and well being in seniors.

Dental health is essential to overall health

This month is national dental hygiene awareness month. Dental health is a key indicator of overall health. Poorly managed dental health can lead to oral infections, difficulty eating nutritious food, and chronic pain. The following are tips for seniors to promote good oral health!

Enjoying Summer with Mobility Challenges

For many, summertime brings memories of lazy days at the beach, vacations with family, or enjoying the outdoors. For seniors with mobility challenges, enjoying summer activities can be difficult. Caregivers can make a difference by helping seniors enjoying activities tailored to their ability level to enjoy summer days to the fullest!

Everyday tips for seniors with Psoriasis

Living with psoriasis can be challenging year-round. August is psoriasis awareness month. For seniors, small steps every day can make a big difference in managing chronic conditions. The Mayo Clinic offers the following tips for supporting everyday skin health for seniors with psoriasis.

February is American Heart Month

Make Heart Health Part of Your Self - Care Routine

According to the National Institute on Aging , aging can cause changes in the heart and blood vessels. For example, as you get older, your heart can’t beat as fast during physical activity or times of stress as it did when you were younger. As you get older, it’s important for you to have your blood pressure checked regularly, even if you are healthy.  Many seniors become sensitive to salt, which may cause an increase in blood pressure and/or edema.

Guest blogger: Jason Van Puymbroeck WELA Financial

Did you know that neither, your health insurance nor Medicare will pay for extended long-term care services in the event that you needed them in the future? If you develop a chronic illness or become disabled and can no longer care for yourself for an extended period, you will need long-term care services.

Home Caregivers - Who is Your Most Essential Client?

Congratulations on being a fantastic caregiver!

Regardless of your credentials, love for the job and expertise, there’s one essential client you can never forget – yourself! Meeting the needs of others before ourselves may appear to be noble, but you have to allow time for self-care, so as to not sabotage the quality of your caregiving, and your own life!

Memory Care for Seniors

Seniors with memory and cognitive health issues such as Alzheimer’s, need multifaceted care to help support their physical, mental, and emotional needs. Often seniors feel confused or frustrated when they struggle with memory issues or are unable to perform a task. Caregivers can help support seniors by providing gentle reminders, assisting seniors in performing tasks, and sharing activities that celebrate the present moment.

Nail grooming can help you stay healthy

For seniors, nail grooming is an important yet often overlooked aspect of preventing the spread of germs. Long fingernails can carry bacteria. This bacteria can cause infections if the skin is scratched. The following are some tips on fingernail grooming to help seniors maintain good hand hygiene.

Nutrition for Seniors from an Expert

This month we are proud to feature an article written by Nutritionist Alisa Bloom, RDN from Live Your Best 365. We are thrilled to share Alisa’s expertise with our readers to help seniors reach their nutritional goals and live healthy lives!

Self-Care for Seniors and Caregivers

Caring for a senior family member can be challenging – both physically and emotionally. Taking time every day to implement self-care can help promote good physical and emotional well being. The following are tips for seniors and family caregivers to help nurture self-care.

The Importance of Good Sleep

According to the Better Sleep Council, good sleep is essential to promoting good health and maintaining cognitive function. A good night’s sleep leads to a better day. Caregivers can help seniors get a good night’s sleep with the following tips

The Traycee Difference

At Traycee, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of our clients and our staff. As a family-owned business, we consider our staff as part of our family. We are proud of the quality and compassionate caregivers that are a part of our Traycee family.  
We are committed to investing in ongoing education to help equip our caregivers to provide the best care. 
  • World Alzheimer’s Month - September

    Each September people across the globe unite to increase awareness and reduce stigmas that still exist around Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.More Info
  • Festive Fall Activities for Older Adults

    Fall is full of many family traditions. Celebrate the season with activities that are simple, inexpensive, and fun! There’s no right or wrong way to have fun. Engagement and inclusion is key.More Info
  • Using a Montessori Approach to Enhance Quality of Life for Persons with Dementia

    In response to the rising number of individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias, Traycee Home Care Services provides specialized training to support their team with innovative approaches to care. More Info
  • Practicing Happiness!

    Watch the Recorded Webinar Today

    Last month’s delightful and insightful presentation – Practicing Happiness – Now! - is available to VIEW via our website.More Info
  • Supporting Family Caregivers

    As the Baby Boomer generation is aging, more seniors are aging in place in the comfort of their own homes. This means more families – approximately 34.2 million people are caregivers to aging seniors. More Info
  • Supporting Seniors with Alzheimer’s

    Alzheimer's is a neuro/cognitive disease that impacts a person's mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Having support and a plan to navigate the impact of cognitive changes makes all the difference.More Info
  • Celebrating Senior Men’s Health

    Our dads are the cornerstone of our families. As our loved ones age, it is important to help support their holistic health and well-being. The following are some tips to support healthy aging for senior men.More Info
  • Supporting Seniors with Alzheimer’s

    Alzheimer's is a neuro/cognitive disease that impacts a person's mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Having support and a plan to navigate the impact of cognitive changes makes all the difference. For family caregivers, the following are some ways to help support your loved one with Alzheimer's.More Info
  • Cultivating Resilience During Chronic Illness

    Living with chronic illness has many challenges for both seniors and their families. It is important to develop resilience to help seniors face their challenges with hope.More Info
  • Supporting Seniors Through the Challenges of Parkinson’s Disease

    While living with Parkinson’s disease has many challenges, taking small steps to live healthy each day can improve your quality of life and help you live each day to the fullest. More Info
  • Supporting Seniors With Chronic Kidney Health

    Kidney disease is caused by damage to the organs, which prevents the kidneys from filtering blood effectively. Kidney disease can be caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, infection, or kidney stones.More Info
  • Caregiving for Seniors with Chronic Health Needs

    When a loved one has a chronic disease, the long-term impact of caregiving can be challenging. Here are some ways families can create healthy lifestyles when caregiving for a loved one with a chronic illness.More Info
  • Heart-Healthy Habits for Seniors

    Heart health impacts every aspect of our health. As we age, changes in the cardiovascular system affect our overall function and increase the risk of developing diseases.More Info
  • Olympic Inspiration for Seniors

    As we cheer on our athletes contending in the Winter Olympics, we are inspired by their stories of strength, courage, and perseverance. At every ability level, we can celebrate and live each day to the fullest! More Info
  • Habits for Healthy Aging

    Making a new healthy habit can be challenging- however, with determination and support, you can make a positive change. The following are some tips to help you make 2022 the best year yet!More Info
  • Chicken and Zucchini Quesadillas

    Foods for a Healthier You

    Looking for a delicious healthy recipe to include more fiber in your diet? Seniors rate this heart-healthy recipe as five stars!More Info
  • Foods for a Healthier You

    Eating fiber-rich foods has a profound impact on overall health – and many seniors are not getting enough fiber in their daily diets. According to the USDA, the average American eats less than half of the daily recommended fiber.More Info
  • A Holiday Gift Guide for Seniors

    Finding the perfect gifts for seniors can be a challenge! Here are some gift ideas to make this holiday gifting the best one yet!More Info
  • Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies

    Swap out for healthier ingredients for a healthy sweet treat this holiday season! Here is a recipe for a healthier version of sugar cookies that uses healthy whole wheat flour for a fiber-full treat!More Info
  • Conversations with Aging Parents During Holidays

    As we gather with our aging parents during the holidays, we may notice changes in our loved ones. As seniors age, it is natural to desire to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. However, the aging process and medical events can change our ability to manage daily living.More Info