Nail grooming can help you stay healthy

Makilah Rae Witt

For seniors, nail grooming is an important yet often overlooked aspect of preventing the spread of germs. Long fingernails can carry bacteria. This bacteria can cause infections if the skin is scratched. The following are some tips on fingernail grooming to help seniors maintain good hand hygiene.

hands and fingernails
Keep fingernails short with clean edges.

As we age, our skin becomes thinner and more fragile. Uneven or long fingernails can break the skin. Keep fingernails short with weekly grooming.

Use a nail file.

Avoid using sharp scissors to cut nails to avoid the risk of cutting the skin.

Pamper your hands.

Give your hands extra pampering with hand cream or fingernail polish during nail grooming. Seniors love hand massages and fun nail polish!