Memory Care for Seniors

Makilah Rae Witt

Seniors with memory and cognitive health issues such as Alzheimer’s, need multifaceted care to help support their physical, mental, and emotional needs. Often seniors feel confused or frustrated when they struggle with memory issues or are unable to perform a task. Caregivers can help support seniors by providing gentle reminders, assisting seniors in performing tasks, and sharing activities that celebrate the present moment. The following are some ways that caregivers can support seniors with Alzheimer’s.

Provide reminders for time, day, and season

Use beautifully colored images and calendars displayed to help orientate seniors to the day, time, and season. To celebrate fall, create a festive calendar with leaves, flowers and pumpkins. Use a board to display the day of the week.

Celebrate abilities.

Caregivers can help support seniors at every ability level by encouraging them to carry out their activities of daily living independently. For some seniors, this means choosing their outfit for the day or brushing their hair. Caregivers should celebrate every ability level and support seniors in doing everyday tasks.

Enjoy art as creative expression.

Seniors enjoy creating art in many forms. Painting, coloring, drawing, and clay modeling are therapeutic ways to encourage creativity and self-expression.
Involve seniors in household tasks.

Seniors enjoy caring for their home and being involved in the daily household task. Seniors with Alzheimer’s may enjoy tasks such as folding towels, sorting fabrics, watering plants, or seasonal decorating.

Enjoy the present moment.

Find joy in the everyday moments spent together. Write down something you are grateful for. Read a comic book together. Tell a joke. Find ways to laugh, celebrate, and show gratitude every day.

Walk down memory lane together

Photo Album Sharing family videos and pictures help seniors feel connected with their loved ones and cherish memories of time spent together with family. Create memory scrapbooks together as a way of reminiscing favorite past times.