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Congratulations on being a fantastic caregiver!

Dr. John C. Webb

Regardless of your credentials, love for the job and expertise, there’s one essential client you can never forget – yourself! Meeting the needs of others before ourselves may appear to be noble, but you have to allow time for self-care, so as to not sabotage the quality of your caregiving, and your own life! Caregivers are heroes – but they need not go down like the captain of a sinking ship!

Party balloons If you’ve flown on a commercial airplane, do you remember the emergency instructions? Quiz: If you have a child or a person in need with you, and the oxygen masks drop down, whose mask do you put on first? The answer is ………..YOURS! I knew you’d get it right! After all, if you’re gasping for air, how can you save others?

The same applies to caregiving! If you’re not paying attention to your own well-being diligently, how can you be the best caregiver? Suggestions:

Woman celebrating and flexing Use affirmations to yourself or out loud on a daily basis – Why do you do what you do? Then vow to your mind, body, and soul that you will live a healthy lifestyle so you can have the energy to do what you love for as long as possible.

No matter what your circumstances are, offer the same love to yourself that you do for your clients.

Being me is awesome When you care for your clients, you prioritize their most important needs on a daily basis. Do the same for your own life, using your precious time to take care of what’s most important first!

Clock - tick tock You possess great knowledge and expertise, but always look for what you can learn from your clients daily. Jot those ideas down daily and incorporate them!

Don’t be caught off guard!

frustration Emergencies happen. As you hope for the best but prepare for the worst, make sure your schedule has some breathing room to allow for the unexpected. Then, you’re more apt to be as centered as possible in order to do what needs to be done.

Weekly Calendar Enter any of your inspiring ideas into the calendar of your choice at specific days and times, to help your ideas become reality!
happy and proud
Thank you caregivers, for your all-important service!
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