Empowering Conversations for Healthcare Choices

seniors doing yoga In today’s world, information is lighting fast and comes from a variety of sources. For seniors, this can create challenges to accessing reliable information about health care choices.

Seniors often face various health questions such as what vitamin supplements are necessary or what new treatment options are best? Accessing safe and reliable sources of information empowers seniors to discuss their healthcare choices and questions with their healthcare providers.

The following are ways caregivers can help seniors be empowered to talk to their doctor about their individual health choices.

Access reliable sources of information.

Look for information published from reliable healthcare sources such as the National Institutes of Health, hospital-based websites, or peer-reviewed journals. Information shared on social media or by personal sources should be verified by a trusted health information source.

Choose a healthcare provider that listens.

physician Choosing a healthcare provider that is attentive to your unique needs is the first step to a positive relationship with your healthcare provider.

Get organized.

Write down your questions to prepare for your conversation with your doctor. Take your notes with you to your appointment and write down the answers to each question to allow you to reflect on your conversation later.

Keep track of changes.

senior couple hugging at table It is essential to discuss any new changes with your doctor from each visit. Keeping track of small changes is an excellent way to help you and your doctor identify and make changes to your health care plan.

Prioritize concerns.

At each visit, identify your top concerns to discuss with your health care provider. Take the time to have an in-depth conversation about your top concerns.

Take someone with you.

two women sitting on the couch Caregivers can help seniors during healthcare visits by writing down the information shared and helping advocate for seniors.