Conversations with Aging Parents During Holidays

Family sitting around the table As we gather with our aging parents during the holidays, we may notice changes in our loved ones. As seniors age, it is natural to desire to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. However, the aging process and medical events can change our ability to manage daily living. This can create health and safety concerns.

Recognizing the signs it's time to seek the help of others is important to living full and healthy lives. If you notice any of the following changes in seniors in your life, it may be time to ask for help. Here is a helpful checklist to help you start a conversation with your loved ones.

Difficulty with personal care:

Grandma baking with granddaughter • Does not bathe, groom, and perform oral hygiene.

• Forgets to eat, does not eat nutritious meals, or is losing weight unintentionally.

• Forgets to take medications, or is confused about what to take and when.
Difficulty with activities of daily living:

• Difficulty or inability to do basic household tasks such as laundry or cleaning dishes.

• Leaving the stove and other appliances on, creating a safety hazard.

• Unable to do grocery shopping.

• Inability to pay bills or manage money properly.

Change in emotional, mental or physical condition:

Women with Christmas gifts • Difficulty understanding others or remembering names, situations, and locations.

• Becomes lost or disorientated easily.

• Has sudden mood swings, becoming angry or depressed.

• Falls often.

• Suffers a stroke or other major physical impairment.

Home health care allows seniors to maintain their sense of comfort and independence in their own home. It is never too early to ask for help!