Caregiving for Seniors with Chronic Health Needs

Caregiving for seniors with chronic health issues can be challenging. At Traycee, we support both seniors and their families throughout the caregiving journey. When a loved one has a chronic disease, the long-term impact of caregiving can be challenging. Here are some ways families can create healthy lifestyles when caregiving for a loved one with a chronic illness.

Ask for help.

Often seniors and their families are reluctant to ask for help, which leads to caregiver burnout. Having a trusted and experienced caregiver can help your family manage your loved one’s health needs.

Take time for respite care.

family lying down Create times of respite for your family and your loved one to delegate caregiving to an experienced caregiver to support your family and create time to take care of essential tasks and rest.

Create a schedule.

Create a plan of your loved one’s appointments and care needs ahead of time. Schedule help for doctor’s appointments, daily hygiene, and transportation needs to create a team approach to your loved one’s health.

Recognize the signs of caregiver burnout.

couple facing window Frustration, loneliness, and depression are all signs of caregiver burnout. Recognize the impact of caregiving on your mental health and take steps to take care of your health as a caregiver.

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