Cultivating Resilience During Chronic Illness

Living with chronic illness has many challenges for both seniors and their families. It is important to develop resilience to help seniors face their challenges with hope. The following are ways to cultivate resilience for seniors and their families facing chronic health diagnoses.

Ask for help.

Respite care is essential for seniors and their families to maintain good mental and emotional health. Using a professional caregiver can help both seniors and their loved ones to create a healthy balance of care-giving and self-care.

Embrace your creativity.

People playing accordion Having a creative outlet can boost your mood and improve your cognitive health. Having an outlet to express yourself helps you process your thoughts and feelings positively.

Be inspired by others' journeys.

Joining a support group can help you connect with your community, gain insight into how others cope with similar conditions, and inspire you to be your best self!

Practice gratitude.

When you look for something to be grateful for, you will develop a more positive outlook. Practice gratitude by writing down something you are grateful for every day.

Laugh often.

senior woman leaning against fence smiling Laughter is good for the mind, body, and soul! Look for ways to find joy in every day and enjoy humor through cartoons, comedy, or simple jokes.

Foster community and friendship.

Being alone can impact your mental and physical health. Stay connected with your family, friends, and community by investing your time in the important relationships in your life.