Father’s day is an important time to honor the fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers in your family. Planning for activities that are accessible to seniors is essential. Here are some fun ways to celebrate and honor dad.


Talk to dad about his abilities and needs. Talk to dad and understand how you can support him enjoying the day. Ask if there are medications that need to be taken a certain time, dietary restrictions and mobility needs. Understanding what dad needs to enjoy the day will help you prepare and relax.


Bring along help. Asking a caregiver to accompany your loved one to assist with care. Having extra help can help family members can be present and enjoy the moments shared together.

Enjoy a baseball game together. Reminiscing about boyhood times and cheering on your favorite local team is a great way to enjoy Father’s day together. Many seats are reserved for handicapped accessibility, so be sure to call ahead to book seats.


Ask dad to share a skill. Does your dad enjoy woodworking, fishing or playing music? Share in your dad’s legacy and spend time learning something new together.


Enjoy a family barbecue. For dads with limited mobility, a family backyard BBQ is a great way to enjoy the summer season and quality family time.


Create a family treasure hunt. Reminisce about favorite family memories by creating a treasure hunt that includes your favorite family places.


Create art with your grandchildren. Make a memory by creating art together. Painting, sculpting, photo books are all ways to create lasting memories and share time together.