It is important to ensure that your home is safe and comfortable. There are many aspects to home safety that can often be overlooked. The following are some tips on home safety from the National Safety Council.
Fire Safety. Ensure that your home is protected against fire by routinely checking your fire alarms. Avoid using burning candles and never leave food unattended on the stove top.
Water temperature. Protect against unintentional burns by checking the temperature of your hot water heater. The default setting from most manufactures may cause burns.
Medication Safety. Routinely check all medications expiration date and dispose of outdated medications according to your doctor or pharmacist instructions.
Air Quality. Excess dust in the air can cause seniors severe complications. Ensure that your air quality is safe by routinely changing your air filters on your heater and air conditioner.
Food Safety. Ensure that all foods are cooked to the proper temperature to avoid food-borne diseases. Carefully wash fresh fruits and vegetables before eating.
Electric safety. Protect against fire by ensuring that electric outlet are not overused. Typically only two cords should use the same electrical outlet at the same time.