The National Kidney Association celebrates National Kidney Month this March. Kidney health is an essential part of overall health. The kidneys help regulate your fluid and electrolyte balance and maintain your blood pressure.

According to the National Kidney Association, seniors are at a higher risk for kidney disease because we lose kidney function as we age. According to Johns Hopkins University, more than fifty percent of seniors over the age of 75 may have kidney disease.

Signs of kidney disease include high blood pressure, kidney stones or diabetes. According to The National Kidney Foundation everyone over the age of 60 to be screened for kidney disease. Annual screening includes a urine albumin test and a blood testing kidney function. These tests identify the first sign of kidney damage.

It is important that seniors and their caregivers look for other symptoms such as swelling or painful urination and visit their doctor if symptoms develop. During your annual checkup, talk to your doctor about your kidney health to understand your risk factors and understand what steps you can take to maintain your health.