This February as we celebrate Heart Health month, we are reminded of the importance of good emotional health. According to the Centers for Disease Control, seniors that are homebound or residents of nursing homes are at an increased risk of depression. Caregivers can help seniors pursue good emotional health with these strategies.

Acknowledge your feelings openly. Openly acknowledging feelings of sadness, anxiety, or frustration can be a healing experience. Caregivers should create space where seniors can share their feelings openly and feel listened to an affirmed.


Surround yourself with positive people. Choose to surround yourself with positive and healthy relationships. Spending time with positive-minded friends can help boost your energy while encouraging your friends.


Be creative. Find new ways to be creative or show curiosity. Activities such as painting, fiber crafts, reading or visiting a museum are all ways to explore and express your creativity!

Keep a gratitude journal. Keep a daily journal acknowledging one thing you are grateful for every day. When you are looking, you will find gratitude everywhere!


Write a love letter. Show your loved ones how much you care with writing simple notes of love and gratitude this month. You will bring a smile to their heart and yours!