Sweetest Day is a national holiday celebrated October 20th. This holiday is a special time to show the important people in your life that you care! This holiday has an interesting beginning. According to Hallmark, this holiday was created by a candy maker in Cleveland Ohio named Herbert Birch Kingston. This candy maker wanted to make a difference by showing others small acts of kindness, so he gave sweets and cards to people in his community who were often forgotten.  Later, when movie stars heard about his kind gestures, they were inspired to give candy to patients in hospitals on Sweetest Day. Today Sweetest day is a fun day to share a sweet treat or a heartfelt card with someone you love to remind them that they matter! Seniors may enjoy celebrating the tradition of Sweetest Day by making homemade candy or cookies to share. Caregivers can celebrate the holiday by writing a card to let seniors know that they are special and loved. The best gift of Sweetest Day is a kind gesture letting others know that you care!