This month is Healthy Aging month; a time to inspire seniors to take new steps towards health every day. Health includes all dimensions of a person – mind, body, and spirit!  As you age, it is important to take small steps every day to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Caregivers and seniors can take healthy steps together! Here are some ways that seniors can make a difference in their health this year.

Mind – Be a life-long learner. Is there something that you are curious about? Attend a class or learn a new skill to enhance the health of your mind. Some classes that senior can enjoy at their local senior centers include art history, photography, computer skills, history, music appreciation and art. Other ways that seniors can maintain an active mind include playing “brain games”, sudoku, trivia or word puzzles.

Body – Exercise is an important part of health at every age. Talk to your doctor about what exercises are right for you. With the help of an exercise professional, most exercises can be adapted to meet your individual ability level. Many senior centers offer a wide variety of exercise classes lead by an exercise professional such as yoga, tai-chi, cardio drumming, walking club, and dance.

Spirit – Your spiritual health is an important part of your holistic health. Take time every day to meditate and engage in a spiritual practice that is meaningful to you. Keep a gratitude journal and write down something day that you are grateful for – it is a simple exercise that will change your day for the better!