Engaging in the creative process by participating in the arts can benefit the mind and body.  The process of reflection and creating allows the person to express themselves in a unique way. Art can be especially therapeutic for persons with disabilities to increase self-awareness, develop interpersonal skills and reduce stress. Persons with disabilities can especially benefit from engaging in the arts because art can be adapted to any ability level. Traycee is proud to celebrate artists of all abilities. Caregivers can help seniors with disabilities enjoy arts in the following ways:

  • Performance art. Being a part of group putting on a play or poetry reading can enhance the sense of community and belonging. Creating art to be enjoyed by others also gives a sense of purpose. Check out your local senior center or community theater for opportunities to be a part of performance art.
  • Create a clay art. Working with a multi-dimensional and tactile medium is one way that visually impaired artists can engage in the creative process. Sculptures can be created or explored. Check out your local museum for opportunities for visually disabled persons to touch and interact with art.
  • Coloring books. Coloring can reduce stress and anxiety through gentle meditative act. Seniors and caregivers can enjoy coloring together and use their coloring pages as framed art in the home.
  • Photography. Photography increases mindfulness as artists engage in viewing their environment from an artistic perspective. Photography is for everyone and is especially beneficial to those with limited mobility such as wheelchair bound. Take a camera on your next walk and see what beautiful moment you can capture!