For many people with disabilities, traveling can be challenging. As Americans strive to create accessible spaces, there is growing awareness of the need for accommodations to help make travel available to everyone. To plan a vacation this summer, the following are some travel tips to help ensure safe and easy travel for those with disabilities.

Consider an all-inclusive venue. When choosing your vacation destination, look for destinations that have easy access to activities. An all-inclusive venue can help you make the most of your time and can ensure that all activities are accessible.

Call Ahead. The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that businesses make accommodations for those with disabilities. However, many places may need time to implement these accommodations. Call ahead and be specific about what accommodations you need.

Know where to access help. Talk to your doctor before you travel, and have the phone number and location of a medical professional at your destination where you can get help in case of an emergency.

Carry medical alert information. It is important to have your medical alert information in an easy accessible location, such as your wallet or on a necklace. Consider purchasing a med-alert bracelet when traveling to easily identify your information in case of emergency.

Bring extra medication. It is not uncommon to have weather delays or unexpected layovers – especially during summer travel. Be prepared and bring at least five days extra medication with you in case of emergency.

Book with a specialized travel agent. There are many travel agents that specialize in helping those with disabilities make travel arrangements. Booking with an experienced agent can help make a seamless vacation plan.