Seniors around the United States are preparing for an exciting event that will take place one year from this month. The National Senior Games is a biennial competition for men and women 50 and over; the largest multi-sport event in the world for seniors! Seniors will compete as individuals or teams in the following events:

  1. Archery
  2. Badminton
  3. Basketball
  4. Bowling
  5. Cycling
  6. Golf
  7. Horseshoes
  8. Pickleball
  9. Power Walk
  10. Race Walk
  11. Racquetball
  12. Road Race
  13. Shuffleboard
  14. Softball
  15. Swimming
  16. Table Tennis
  17. Tennis
  18. Track & Field
  19. Triathlon
  20. Volleyball

The National Senior Games was formed to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for seniors 50 and over.  At every age, seniors can live an active lifestyle and pursue healthy living. Finding an activity that you enjoy is the key to maintaining health as we age. Joining a gym that offers a variety of classes is one way that seniors and caregivers can pursue healthy living together. Anyone can pursue healthy living! For seniors that have mobility challenges, talking with a physical therapist can offer some exercises that are uniquely designed to promote individual health. Exercise can be modified to meet any ability level. Talk with your doctor to explore exercise activities that are a safe, fun, and healthy fit for you.

To watch local games and cheer on seniors competing in your area, visit www. The National Senior Games competition will be held in Albuquerque New Mexico on June 14-25, 2019.