Millennials & the Older Generation

Part I

With all of the changes that happened over the past few decades, it’s easy to assume the older and younger generation would have different interests, perspectives, and struggles. As a college senior observing the many changes, I decided to ask both the older generation and younger generation what they need from each other in order to connect.

After carefully considering what both groups said, I came to a couple conclusions for millennials and the older generation.

To the Younger Generation (Millennials) 

Disengage. In this world now, we are run by technology. In fact, our phones are something we so heavily depend on, that it has become a second form of identity for us. When you are spending time with your grandparents or loved ones, turn it off. Put it away! Maybe even leave the device at home. Just having your phone out on the table sends a message that you aren’t completely present and in the moment. Show your loved ones that you are there and in the moment.

Schedule Time. Within the chaos of different activities that we are involved in, it is so important to prioritize. Spending time with loved ones should be a priority. Even for just an hour a week. It will mean the world to them to hear about what is going on in your life, or just to do a fun activity together! A little bit of love goes a long way.

Listen. Nothing will thrill your loved ones more than just reminiscing on old times, and sharing about their life! Seeing how far they have come in life and watching their eyes light up when they talk about things they love is a priceless reward for the both of you. Allow them to share, it will mean so much to them.